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This is the point where the body is forced to adapt to the stress you’re inflicting on your body by increasing blood flow and oxygen to your muscles.If you’re relatively new to a stimulus, you may even experience delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMs) 24-72 hours after completing the activity.You’ve made every minor tweak to your workout program that you can and your nutrition, sleep, and supplementation are all on point.Still, after a few more weeks, you haven’t seen the positive changes you were hoping for and now you’re mentally drained. What if I told you one of the biggest recovery tools that could help you blast through those plateaus, was in fact to take a week and actually spend LESS time in the gym? I’m talking about deload weeks and if you’ve spent the last 30 seconds nodding your head to the scenario above, they’re exactly what you need to break through your most recent plateau. It’s a week to deload, relax, unwind, and give your body that extra little recovery it needs so you can re-board the “gain train” once the week is up.

Related: 3 Simple Recovery Methods to Train Harder Than Ever Before When planned appropriately and executed to meet your individual fitness goals, they can help you recharge both your mind and your body.This is probably the more diverse group of lifters as it can include performance athletes, some competitive lifters, advanced lifters, and a lot of your recreational lifters.Related: 7 Ways To Have Fun With Your Fitness Outside Of The Gym - Obviously, the form of deload you decide to use during this week will depend on your goals, but for recreational lifters, this set up is perfect for those who enjoy traveling as you can spend that week hiking around new areas, jogging on the beach, skiing in the mountains, etc. Those who fall into this category will deload every 12-16 weeks.The three different types of deloading include: For this type of deload week, you will keep the volume you use the same, but you will only use 40-60% of your 1 rep max.A lot of times, this leads to the trainee using about half of the weight they would normally use during their sets.

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