Success rate of internet dating

Feel free to discuss payment options with Bettina and she can negotiate an arrangement which suits you.

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For instance she is currently working with a nervous widow – who’s been flooded with responses to her new profile – helping her choose which men to approach, how to write them appealing emails, how to gently extract herself from relationships which hold no appeal.Many time-poor professional men and women aren’t in a position to handle the time-consuming process of searching profiles and politely dealing with responses – so Bettina can sort out likely prospects for you and handle your correspondence, as required.She’s also helping high profile people who need to be Bettina charges a set fee for creating the profile for you and providing all the information and support you need to get started online.She acts as a personal training, nudging you into activity when you have let things slip, supporting you when you are discouraged and encouraging you to be confident, optimistic and persistent – qualities essential for success in this business.Her charges are extremely reasonable, considering clinical psychologists usually charge -300 per hour.

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