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But the city says there will be plenty of time to get things worked out, although the new law could go into effect as early as this fall. The reality is the dump station there had to be closed due to mechanical issues, and the Service had to adjust the 2017 camping season, closing it on September 5, rather its usual October 15 date. That’s a question recently answered by a representative of Arizona’s Department of Public Safety.The answer: “Yes, the same law applies to a motorhome as it does to other vehicles.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.Learn about RV camping, RV travel, RV news and much more.

Some serious fright broke out at a Stuart, Fla., RV dealership after a man pulled a gun, took an employee hostage, and demanded the keys to a motorhome.Right now, it’s ugly — the sky is brown from fires in British Columbia, Washington and Montana. I hear it’s a madhouse — long lines, tourists crawling all over the place. Gail wants to stick her feet in the river and I need to go along to protect her from getting swept into the current and over a giant waterfall. Here’s the disclaimer portion: Reservations required by phone (or in person) and the offer must be mentioned. Open season began August 1, and earlier bookings don’t qualify. He told a court judge he was trying to get out of the heat.Other fires lay ahead so I’m stuck with smog for awhile. When I can get online, it’s slow like a banana slug (popular mollusk in Northwest that can travel — top speed — at 30 feet an hour). Yellowstone has gone from two million visitors in 1980 to more than four million last year. His honor responded, “The heat found you,” and that he should have listened to his wife to begin with.The council put in place a new ordinance indicating where and where not RVs could be parked on private residential property.But after two hours of public comment — much of it by RVers who warned the council that many would have to sell their rigs because of the new law — councilors voted to not enforce the rules.

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