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Windows has the most differences, but I've also encountered differences in Alpine Linux (which uses musl intsead of glibc) and BSD.

strftime() will get local time using timezone setting from date_default_timezone_set, then send format and converted tm structure to strftime() system call.

*/function datelo( $str, $locale='en_US', $time=null) Displaying days of month...%d = Cross-platform, padded with leading zero%e = Not on Windows, padded with leading space%-d = Not on Windows, no padding%#d = Windows only, no padding Linux and Mac OS confirmed to behave the same./** This function figures out what fiscal year a specified date is in.* $input Date - the date you wish to find the fiscal year for.

(12/4/08)* $fy Start Date - the month and day your fiscal year starts.

, 6 = saturday) * @param int The month (if false use the current month) * @param int The year (if false use the current year) * * @return int The timestamp of the first day of that month * **/ For all those who work with Wamp Server on Windows, I propose you a formatting(layout) of date as " Friday, January 1st, 2016 " instead of " Friday, January 01st, 2016 " (note the zero in front of 1) which works at the same time on Windows / Wamp Server and on (on-line) Linux / waiter.

Mamy setki tysięcy członków, którzy jak i Ty chcą znaleźć swoja drugą połówkę.

Portal randkowy to miejsce, gdzie wszyscy single mogą wysyłać wiadomości w bezpieczny sposób.

So it will output time stamp string ("%s" format string) with timezone converted tm structure, and it will be wrong unless you set the same time zone with your machine.

%V may fail with some systems (Windows XP, at least).

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