How to use permissionsex chatmanager

(This can be entered ingame or via console) To give a specific group a specific permissions, you can use Congratulations!, you have completed this tutorial and you're able to cope with Permissions Exsowie and also to configure it!Also, is there a way to create a custom command, such as /lore to be given texts stating the lore of the server (of which I know I can create a book with such texts created/given to every new login/default user, but I think this would be a clean innovative way to approach the issue.Also note I apologize for asking for asking such questions, I am normally a self-learner whom has no problem reading through forums or doing simple searches to find my answers.I got the permissions and config.yml's into each respective folders in the plugins folder.Some reason when I or someone else joins the server, everyone gets de-moted, no perms can be used even if I'm op-ed and when i check my CMD, it says "error occured with permmision Ex!Alot of people seem to want premade permissions files or they don't know how to do it, so why not post it to help people out? So go into you plugins folder, navigate to Permissions EX, delete the current file with this one and your all done.

Using the console: To create a group open the console and type: # This is a comment and has no effect groups: Player: default: true prefix: 'Player' suffix: ' ' permissions: Admin: default: false prefix: 'Admin' suffix: ' ' permissions: - '*' users: Your Username: group: - Admin CAUTION: Only the server admin should be entered into the (located in the root directory). Players entered into have complete access to all commands!Permissionsex Chatmanager no longer works in the newer Factions builds. Also it could be related, but Monster IRC doesn't seem to see any chat after installing latest Factions.Remove Factions then both Chatmanager and Monster IRC work again This issue is making it very difficult to create our new faction server.My intent is to supply everyone on my server the /rules command and producing a message upon login to "/rules to view the Rules" instead of the silly sign rules that so many servers use.I believe spawning into a world with a wall of signs stating the common "Do Not ask for items/to be OP'd, Do not spam" (usual givens) can really take away from the aesthetics of a spawn town/marketplace.

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