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It’s no wonder, then, that tens of thousands of us have done just that: since 1995, more than 760,000 emigrants have swapped bleak Blighty for a life in sunny Spain.According to the latest statistics, however, the Spanish sueño isn’t all it once seemed – as expats return to Britain in their droves.She now runs Mum Abroad, an advice website for expat families in Spain, Italy, France and Germany.“The lifestyle was incredible – it was a fun place to be, every day felt a bit like a holiday and the healthcare was great,” she explains.“For the past 10 years there was a wave of people retiring here, but that is changing,” explains Maura Hillen, the chairman of AUAN, a property scam campaign group based in Almeria.

“It was the most beautiful place – we lived in the mountains; there were wild horses and goats roaming around; you could pick oranges off the trees to eat.

Those leaving Spain are increasingly likely to choose Dubai over Devon, the Caribbean instead of the Cotswolds, and Switzerland over Stirling.

'Before the recession, British buyers were heading to far-flung and unusual places, such as Bulgaria, but after 2008 they all wanted safe havens,” explains Niki Riley of the estate agent Savills.

“The property business had dried up and our gym became harder to run at a profit,” says Jackie, 48.

“But it would have been my worst nightmare to return to the UK.

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