Email droidx not updating

If you do not have any email accounts set up, you will be brought right to the Add Account setup screen as soon as you press the Email shortcut from Step 2.

After you press the Add Account button, you will be asked to enter your email address and password.

I've heard that a large number of people are told (by nearly every provider) that the resolution for the update issue is a factory restore. The only way to resolve this issue is with a new SIM card.

With that new SIM in place, the upgrade should go off without a hitch.

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Read the Knowledge Base article Active Sync Errors On Android Devices for common Active Sync issues on Android-powered devices.

Note: Some Android phones, such as the DROID X, have modified their user interface and you won't see the same choices. That said, there are some clear winners in each category — winners that, we think, boast the right specs, design elements and features to satisfy the general public.From corner to corner, it measures in at 5.8 inches, while the phone itself is actually smaller than the 8 Plus (5.65 x 2.79 x 0.3 inches). Well, the screen runs right up to the edges erasing basically any bezels and coexisting right next to the front speaker used for making calls.Recently, when I went to update my Verizon-branded Samsung Galaxy S4, I received a message that said, "Software update is temporarily unavailable" (Figure A).I reset the phone to factory defaults, connected to Wi-Fi, disconnected to Wi-Fi, but nothing seemed to work.

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