Apps keep auto updating websites

Or if you’re not into December holidays, Happy 2018 from Springy to you!🙂 There are a ton of new features for you to explore in Lib Guides this month.As always, we manage the SSL certificates for your Lib Wizard, Lib Staffer, and Lib Insight sites.Now you can provide a deeper search of your e-reserves content!Manage Patron accounts = and if you see accounts listed there, those users can now sign into Discussion Boards and Blog Comments using your local authentication layer (LDAP, CAS, AD, etc.).

New Typeahead Menu – We’ve revamped the formatting for the predictive search dropdown menu, shared by all search boxes throughout Lib Answers.The new menu is fully accessible/keyboard friendly, and we’ve added search term highlighting to the results, so it’s easy to spot how a result relates to a search query.Check out this giant present for your holiday celebrations!Once a patron launches i Frame chat, this is what they’ll see – the page they were viewing loads within a frame, with the chat window overlaid on top.Patrons can search, click links within the frame or in the chat window, etc.

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